‘Prey’ Share One of Their Worst Experiences on Set

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Producing a film is never easy, especially something like Prey which takes you out of the modern world into a time that had its own unique challenges. Survival is essential and if you’re being haunted by the Predator, you will use every chance you have at your disposal. During the official press conference for Prey, the cast and director bonded over what may be one of their worst experiences, filming in a stinking mud pit.

While discussing the tribulations of filming during COVID, director Dan Trachtenberg brought up how unexpected the “smell fo that mud pit” was that they used during filming. Main actress Amber Midthunder highlighted how “that smell is in my nose forever” before thanking the director. He surprisingly shared that it seemingly didn’t smell at first but something about it interacting with human

Yeah, the haunting thing about that is that it didn’t smell at all before anyone got in it. And then as soon as human flesh entered that zone, suddenly, some chemical reaction happened and it was horrifying.

Dan Trachtenberg

Midthunder jokingly points out that it wasn’t because of her as she “was not the first one in there.” It’s definitely always interesting to find out what actors and the team on set have to go through when filming sequences, especially something involving something that seems simple like a mud pit. It also sounds like they made the best of it to ensure we get an iconic sequence featuring it as Midthunder‘s Naru faces off against an unlikely foe.

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