‘MS. MARVEL’ Sizzle Reel May Confirm Inhumans Rumor

The Disney Investor Day presentation held absolutely nothing back! As someone who always holds his expectations low, I was blown away by the number of reveals made by The-One-Above-All. Over the last couple of hours, as I’ve reviewed the footage, I think it’s possible Marvel Studios may have revealed a bit more than we all saw on our first look, including something hidden in the Ms. Marvel sizzle reel.

At the 1:07 mark of the reel, Iman Vellani’s Kamala Khan walks away from a chalkboard that seems to illustrate her transformation from normal teenager to someone with some pretty cool embiggening powers. At the bottom left of the chalkboard, there is an illustration of a figure who looks a whole hell of a lot like none other than Maxiums the Mad of the Inhuman Royal Family.

The Inhumans played an integral role in Kamala’s transformation into a hero in the comics and late last year, GWW reported that they heard the Inhuman Royal family may make an appearance in the series and mentioned Maximus specifically. Since that original report, nothing has been heard on the matter but the chalk drawing certainly does resemble an amalgamation of the character from past to present.

The character in the chalk is wearing on overcoat similar to the one the more modern representations of Maximus has worn and bears a symbol on his chest like that worn by the earlier representations of the brother of Black Bolt, King of the Inhumans. Could this chalk drawing be an indication that we will see the Inhumans properly introduced into the MCU via Ms. Marvel? As a huge fan of the characters, I certainly hope so and hope that Feige is willing to give them the treatment they deserve. What do you think?


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