‘Quantumania’ Crew Merch Includes Cracked Ant-Man Helmet and Popular Kang Fan Artwork

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Just recently, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania wrapped production. Everyone has kept an eye out on the Internet if some crew merch might find its way online and luckily exactly that happened. Ace Ruele shared a t-shirt the stunt team used that had quite an interesting tease. What sticks out is that Paul Rudd‘s Ant-Man helmet is heavily damaged and cracked, which may not bode well for our favorite size-changing hero. If you look closer you’ll see Kang in the helmet’s reflection that may be familiar to people.

If you look closely, it turns out its fanart from artist spdrmnkyxxiii that you can find online based on what Jonathan Majors could look like as Kang. It’s not uncommon for these to find their way online and crew merch is commonly not created by official sources but brought to life by the teams. They sometimes tease elements of the film or TV show but don’t include actual artwork. Still, it’s a great design.


Here’s the original design as shared by the artist back in September of 2020 that seemingly was used in the stunt team’s crew merch:

It’s still a great tease and highlights once again that Kang the Conqueror will have quite a large role in the upcoming story. We know very little about Quantumania and the usual comedic Ant-Man franchise might face quite the shakeup. The cracked helmet is quite foreboding especially with how involved the stunt team is in the action. We’ll see what the future has in store for Scott Lang.

Source: Twitter

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