RUMOR: ‘The Matrix Resurrection’ PS5 Tie-In ‘The Matrix Awakens’ Leaks

the matrix ps5

Here’s a curious discovery. Reddit user u/the_andshrew shared a potential The Matrix Resurrection tie-in that was uncovered in the PSN’s backend that is only available through the PlayStation 5. It’s supposedly made in Unreal Engine 5, which is the cornerstone of the new generation of gaming. All we have is a visual that teases the title of The Matrix Awakens and the iconic visual design used in most of the upcoming film’s marketing and trailers.

The title of “experience” is a signifier this might not be an actual game. It might be similar to the Spider-Man: Far From Home tie-in VR experiences, where you get to spend some fun time in the shoes of your favorite webhead. So, we might take on the role of Neo in a short segment, or they might play on you entering the Matrix through the VR headset. It’ll be interesting to see what this might end up being once it is officially announced.

Source: Reddit

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