REPORT: ‘Assembled’ Episode of ‘Black Widow’ Eyeing an October Release

black widow assembled

Marvel Studios Assemble has become a new format for the company to showcase behind the scenes of their new Disney+ series. Yet, it seemed like they might avoid releasing episodes focused on their various film releases, as they are normally included with the physical release. Yet, it seems that they might get a focus after all, as a special look behind-the-scenes episode might release on October 20th for Black Widow.

The release makes sense if you consider that Black Widow will be available to all subscribers as of October 6th. So, they’ll take a similar approach with their shows releasing the Assembled episode sometime after its Disney+ release. We just got the announcement that Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings will release on Disney+ as of November 12th. So, we could expect an episode on it around two weeks later as well. Unlike the series, they are a one-time release and there’s no real build-up from one episode to the next, which might be the reason there’s a long wait between releases. It gives the film some additional life as people might want to check it out alongside the Assembled episode.

It’ll be interesting if the Disney+ episodes offer some additional footage that isn’t available on the physical releases to make it stand out. Disney’s main goal is always to draw in new subscribers. As such, it might be an initiative to get some eyes to check out footage that is only available on the streaming service. We don’t have an official announcement on the release, but we’ll likely get a poster in the coming weeks to confirm this release.

Source: What’s on DisneyPlus

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