REPORT: Daniel Craig Originally Was Cast as Illuminati’s Balder the Brave in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Earlier today, Deadline’s Justin Kroll revealed that Daniel Craig originally was going to play Mr. Fantastic instead of John Krasinski in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Well, a new report from Heavy Spoilers reveals that he was indeed replaced by Krasinski due to his inability to fly with COVID fears bur he wasn’t going to play Mr. Fantastic.

Turns out, he was cast as the Asgardian Balder the Brave. Seems he was going to be talked into killing himself by Wanda but Craig’s travel concerns lead to an inspired replacement. It may be that Kroll only heard of Krasinski replacing Craig and made the direct connection through Mr. Fantastic.

It’s definitely a testament to their powers to improvise, as otherwise their plans may have fallen apart and it could’ve delayed production by quite a bit if he was a necessity and wasn’t willing to fly out. Still, it gave us the fan casting many wanted to see making it one of Marvel’s many happy accidents.

Source: Twitter

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