Marvel Legends First Look: Marvel Studios ‘ETERNALS’ Villain Revealed

Marvel Studios Eternals was originally due out just about one month from now before COVID-19 eventually pushed it all the way to November 2021. Of course the Marvel hype machine for these films starts well before fans ever see any footage and one branch of that machine that requires a large head start is the production of merchandise including collectible action figures. Thanks to one of Marvel’s most popular brands, the 6-inch Marvel Legends, we now have our first look at one of the villains of Eternals, the Deviant warlord Kro! An earlier leak of Funko Pop collectibles based on the film gave away the presence of the character in the film, but now we have our first look at the Deviant leader.


The Deviants and Eternals were opposite ends of the spectrum that was Celestial experimentation on Earth during the earliest age of mankind. Kro is one of the first of the line of Deviants and, in Marvel Comics mythology, is responsible for archetypal Devil of many religions due to his appearance. As you can see from comparing the picture below to the one of the figure above, it seems that Marvel Studios has significantly redesigned the look of the character for the film.


As explained here, Kro carried on an eons long secret relationship with Thena, the daughter of the Prime Eternal, Zuras, as conceived twin hybrid children of incredible power. We’ve heard some rumblings about the Deviants being redesigned for the film and this gives us an idea of just how different they may look from their comic counterparts; however, it’s still unknown what role they will play in the film and if the potential KroThena ship might come into play.

Eternals is now set for a November 5, 2021 release.

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