Jamie Foxx Teases A New Electro in ‘Spider-Man 3’

Just yesterday we had the massive reveal that Jamie Foxx would return as Elektro in Spider-Man‘s third MCU film. This was huge news as it opens up a lot of questions. Electro was already featured in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 played by the same character. We have seen MCU recastings of actors from other Marvel films before but nothing like this. There were rumors that WandaVision or Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness might be the cause of the crossover. Well, Foxx took to Instagram to confirm his addition to the film with a rather interesting addition in the comments. This might not actually be the same character we saw back in The Amazing Spider-Man sequel.

Yeah, he confirms that he won’t be blue this time. This probably confirms he was shown some artwork of his upcoming design, and that this is a new version of the character. We might get him in a more comic-accurate version with the yellow and green costume. Yet, will they go through his entire origin story once again, or is he from a completely different universe? It also opens up the question of how he will tie into the story. Spider-Man is a public menace and at large. There were rumors pointing to Kraven the Hunter having some kind of role in the film. Electro’s addition could be a sign that we will be one step closer to the forming of the Sinister Six in the MCU. So far, we have Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Shocker, and Scorpion confirmed.

Yes, technically Mysterio died in Spider-Man: Far From Home but that never stopped the master of illusion. Electro could just be along for the road, as he has his own history with a version of Spider-Man. There could even be the chance he is only referenced in the film to be used later on. In the Ultimate universe, the character was yellow and created by Justin Hammer. through bioengineering. His addition also opens up the door for other actors to return to their iconic roles. There were many hopes that Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio could return from Netflix’s Daredevil series. This truly opens up a whole new world of possibility once Spider-Man 3 is hopefully released in 2021.

Source: Instagram

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