Disney to Purchase Comcast’s Remaining Stake in Hulu

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Was only a question of time but it looks like Disney is dead set on owning Hulu 100% moving forward. It has been announced that they are set to purchase the remaining 33% stake for around $8.61 billion from Comcast. The following statement has been shared on why they are now invested in getting their hands on the rest of that streaming service.

The acquisition of Comcast’s stake in Hulu at fair market value will further Disney’s streaming objectives.

It’s unclear what exactly their streaming objectives are and if moving forward Hulu and Disney+ will become a more united streaming service, but it seems Disney has some plans to at least counteract the continued drop in linear TV viewership. As much as people are discussing the streaming wars, TV as we know it is still dying with viewership dropping steadily over the last few years.

So, we might see a major shake-up in the streaming market moving forward as everyone is ensuring they have the equity stake in the various platforms to ensure long-term investments. We will see if a new disruptor might pop up in the coming years but for now: streaming is here to stay.

Source: Variety

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