‘The Flash’: Warner Bros Discovery’s $200 Million Problem

As allegations continue to pile on against Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. Discovery is being forced to consider options regarding The Flash.

Over the past year, Ezra Miller has found themselves in a plethora of trouble. Following multiple arrests in Hawaii, the controversial star is currently on the run and is facing even more concerning allegations, which is leaving Warner Bros. Discovery to consider what to do with The Flash movie now that it is in post-production.

For years, it seemed as though The Flash movie was a myth – a film that was in development but seemed likely to come to fruition. Then, in July 2019, Warner Bros. hired Andy Muschietti to direct the long-promised Flash movie starring Miller. The young actor had, of course, been attached to the project since 2014 when it was revealed he’d joined the cast of Batman v. Superman. So, with the movie now in the can and set to introduce a brand new Supergirl to live-action, the studio is eagerly trying to determine how to go about handling the film with Miller’s troublesome behavior.

According to a new report from Deadline, the studio is said to have considered getting help for the young actor. However, with the allegations against Miller continuing to build, Warner Bros Discovery CEO David Zaslav has a big decision to make… and soon. Per the outlet, one option Zaslav is considering is pulling back on Miller’s promotional duties for the 2023 film. This choice would confine it to some P&A, but no publicity tour. Another option being explored is moving the film to HBO Max. While a third option would be to lean in toward making the movie a hit and then dropping Miller if they can’t get their act together. Either way, the studio is facing a tough decision and will need to make a choice relatively soon.

A studio source told Deadline the hope is that the sandal will remain “low level” ahead of the film’s release next year. For now, The Flash remains on track for a Summer 2023 theatrical release with Miller still very much in the starring role. As for the actor’s future beyond The Flash? Deadline reports Miller will not be involved in any future plans involving the character and the forthcoming DC Universe being constructed by Zaslav.

Source: Deadline.

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