Billy Crudup In Talks to Rejoin ‘The Flash’

So, this might be a confusing piece of news. Billy Crudup was originally cast in the role of Barry Allen’s father. He made a brief appearance in Justice League behind bars. The DC Extended Universe continues the arc that Barry’s father was framed for the murder of his wife. We only get a few heartfelt moments with him and Barry. Naturally, we assumed he was going to reappear in the upcoming Flash film. It looks like he was already on-board back in 2016 but left the project once the director debacle happened.

As such, he has now rejoined negotiations to return as Henry Allen. There is no word what his role might be. Most likely, Barry will try to prove his father’s innocence by traveling back in time. This will kick-off the events that lead him to unravel the multiverse through which he meets a variety of new and familiar faces. So far, we know that Michael Keaton is confirmed to return in his iconic 1989 role. Of course, you can’t have Henry behind bars withou the original culprit. Reverse Flash is a definite addition and most likely the driving force behind Barry’s multiversal travels.

Also, with Watchmen being a DC-owned IP, there is a chance we could have a cameo by Dr. Manhattan. Crudup played the iconic character in Zack Snyder‘s 2009 adaptation. It would be a great little easter egg to throw in a brief run through that timeline. Barry recognizing Manhattan and thinking it’s his father from a different timeline would be quite confusing and hilarious. We will see how extensive Crudup‘s role will be once the film is released

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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