‘Rogue Squadron’ Still Eyeing 2023 Release After All

rogue squadron release

Lucasfilm has been quite busy expanding its Star Wars franchise through Disney+. Yet, some have noticed that there is a distinct lack of films from the franchise. Even news surrounding their projects announced during Disney Investor’s Day has gone silent. Suddenly, rumors started making the rounds that Patty JenkinsRogue Squadron may have gotten postponed until 2024. Yet, it seems it is still eyeing a 2023 release.

Shortly after, the project was postponed indefinitely without any real update on where the project was heading. Jenkins’ already had quite a few projects and may be used the time for the script to get to where it needed to be. Disney has now shared their upcoming cinematic release schedules that go as far back as 2028, and Rogue Squadron is seemingly still eyeing a release on the 22nd December 2023. It may add some hope that the film is still on track to release on time after all.

We still know very little about Lucasfilm’s plans or the cinematic future of Star Wars. There were rumors that they are considering a new trilogy, but we’ve also heard nothing on Taika Waititi‘s upcoming live-action film. While they have been pushing out series after series on Disney+, it’s still strange to think how little we know about the franchise’s future.

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