RUMOR: ‘Rogue Squadron’ Delayed Until 2024

During Disney’s Investors Day, we learned that Wonder Woman‘s Patty Jenkins is directing Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. The film would explore the legendary starfighter squadron that was part of the Rebel Alliance. We even got a small teaser at the time to tease the new film. At the time, we also got a release date, as it was eyeing December 2023. Yet, a recent rumor might point to it getting delayed by at least a year.

It wasn’t until June that we found out that Matthew Robinson joined the production to write its script. At the time, it was uncertain how long he has been involved with the project, as it was still hoping to start production early next year. Yet a rumor is pointing to another production revving up early next year and a new rumor is hinting that Rogue Squadron might get pushed back, especially with how busy Jenkins will be on the third entry of Wonder Woman.

So, it seems likely that the film might not see the light of day until 2024. There are hints they still are planning on keeping that 2023 release date for a different production, which may involve a concept created around the Old Republic. Of course, there’s still no official announcement so we have to take it with a grain of salt, but perhaps Disney+ Day has some surprises for us.

Source: Twitter, StarWarsNews

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