Nicholas Hoult’s ‘Renfield’ to Release in 2023

renfield release

While the title of Universal’s film Renfield seems like it’ll explore the dramatic or comedic life of a character with the same name, it’s actually a unique take on the classic Dracula storyline. The character is actually his henchman (Nicholas Hoult), which offers a comedic look at his story serving under Dracula’s watchful eyes. Nicholas Cage is taking on the role of the classic vampire, as the story takes place in the modern-day, as Renfield tries to find a way to detach himself from his master.

As the film was mostly focused on casting its main cast, we’ve only now gotten a release date for the project. Universal has decided that April 14th, 2023 is the perfect time to bring Dracula back to theaters. The film will be directed by Chris McKay, who just recently worked on The Tomorrow War for Amazon and working on a script based on an idea by Robert Kirkman, who many know for his work on The Walking Dead. However, he’s not writing the script as Ryan Ridley of Rick and Morty fame is tackling that role.

The film is taking inspiration from the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker, but the new setting will definitely tell an original story. Thought, it could include quite a few references to the story and characters that were introduced in the novel. We still have some time until it releases and we’ll see just how comedic the film might go once the trailer drops.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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