‘Rosaline:’ Sean Teale on Dario’s Relationship with Rosaline

Actor Sean Teale teases the relationship between Dario and Rosaline in ‘Rosaline,’ explaining what drew him to the part.

This Friday, Hulu is set to debut a new take on the Romeo and Juliet tale with Rosaline. Focusing on Juliet’s cousin – and Romeo’s ex – Rosaline tells the story of Rosaline Capulet and her rocky relationship with Romeo Montague. While she knows the two could never truly be together due to their warring families, Rosaline can’t help but fall in love with Romeo. Unfortunately, though, she soon learns her love has since fallen for another – more specifically, her cousin, Juliet. While Rosaline goes on a journey to try and destroy the relationship between Romeo and Juliet, in hopes of winning him back, she finds what she originally wanted isn’t what she wants in the end. Instead, she learns the one she should be with has been under her nose the entire time. It’s a cute romance filled with plenty of chaotic moments, which proved to be enjoyable for some of the cast members.

Last week, Disney hosted a virtual press conference for the film, and actor Sean Teale was asked why he believes Rosaline and Dario were the superior couple in the film. The actor noted that, while the character of Rosaline is charming, leading lady Kaitlyn Dever helps to sell her charm. “Like, she’s incredibly charming, Kaitlyn and Rosaline.  And also, sort of, there’s so much to her, you would not want to do anything other than find out more,” he explained. “But I think Dario, the thing that drew me to Dario is that something that I didn’t have, which is that he just doesn’t mind what anyone thinks of him or how he appears.  He is a certain way. And I do not possess that trait at all.  I’m scared about everyone’s opinion.  But Dario sort of manages to be a lot more progressive than a man would be in that time.”

The differences between the two characters are great, but it’s these differences between them that help to pull them together. As Teale further explains, while Dario is a Renaissance man, he’s also incredibly progressive for his time. “And so of course he’s completely drawn to this, like, brilliant, funny, charismatic-driven, diligent, independent woman at a time where, you know, where that was not as easy to be or do,” he said. “So, it sort of becomes very obvious to him. They also wind each other up to no end. Which is super-fun.”

Viewers can watch the relationship between Rosaline and Dario grow when Rosaline debuts on Hulu this Friday, Oct. 14th.

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