Latest ‘Marvel Studios’ Legends’ Confirms Star-Lord Has a [SPOILER]

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Well, this is a surprising reveal that confirms a long-time theory. Marvel Studios has started the tradition of creating small supercuts to share the adventures the various Marvel Cinematic Universe characters have gone through in the past few years. Marvel Studios’ Legends is a great little guide for those that don’t actively follow every project the studio puts out. With the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on the horizon, we got a new entry recapping our favorite ragtag group of space heroes. Surprisingly, it includes a deleted scene that confirms a surprisingly familiar connection.

As it turns out, Pom Klementieff‘s Mantis is actually Star-Lord a.k.a. Peter Quill’s sister. There have been some theories that this might be the case when we first meet Mantis with his father, Ego. There was a short showcase of his many lovers from across the galaxy, which included someone that looked quite similar to Mantis’ race. Plus, Ego has collected his children for one purpose and there always was the question of why he kept her around. With her being his daughter, it makes sense he kept her around just in case she might become useful.

It’s interesting that she shared this with Drax, who’s the one to reveal it with the line “he should know you are his sister” and that they’d go out of their way to set up this connection as part of the recap. So, we’ll see if this might be something James Gunn explores further in the upcoming Holiday Special and third entry of the trilogy. Also, it’s nice to see someone find out they have a sister that isn’t seemingly planning on killing them; Thor could give him some pointers.

Source: Disney+ via The Direct

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