RUMOR: ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Release Window May Have Leaked Early

hogwarts legacy release

While the Wizarding World franchise has slowly been moving away from Hogwarts, as we explore the world surrounding it through the Fantastic Beasts franchise. Yet, many still have the fantasy to be students at Hogwarts and, luckily, a new game heading to PlayStation may offer exactly that titled Hogwarts Legacy. We’re still anxiously awaiting a release date, but it seems it may have leaked early.

Industry Insider Tom Henderson has revealed that there are plans for a new PlayStation State of Play that would feature the Harry Potter spinoff game. It would give us the release window. Yes, not the actual release date but a hint at when we can expect it. It seems that the game is eyeing a release in the third quarter, which would mean a summer release between July to August. WB Games might be trying to give themselves some flexibility in case Omicron leads to more delays.

The concept of an open-world game that lets you explore the many corners of Hogwarts is quite an exciting one for long-time fans. It seems that player customization will let you individualize your experience while also trying to grab the house you always wanted to be part of. We’ll see if WB Games can bring their ambitious project to life and get a closer look in February if this rumor turns out true.

Source: ComicBook

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