FanDome: ‘THE BATMAN’ is Vengeance in First Teaser

This was always going to be the big news of the day and despite the big build up, it didn’t disappoint. Matt Reeves take on the story of the Dark Knight looks to be unlike anything we’ve seen to this point and darker than expected.

Reeves teased that the film, which finds Robert Pattinson’s Batman in “Year Two”, will serve as the origin stories for villains like The Riddler, Penguin and Catwoman while giving us new iterations of classic Batman supporting characters Alfred and Jim Gordon. The film takes place at a time where the legend of Batman is growing in a corrupt Gotham City and the citizens have yet to learn his true intentions. Reeves’ passion and enthusiasm for the project was evident while discussing the film and this version of Batman. Have a look at what is an incredibly noir take on the world’s greatest detective!

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