‘THE SUICIDE SQUAD’: Who is Polka-Dot Man?

With the roster for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad stacked with wildly disparate and relatively unknown DC Comics villains, we thought it would be great to get to know each of them in 400 words or less. Don’t get too attached after reading though, because there’s a good bet most of them won’t be around for the sequel. It’s time to meet and greet the members of Task Force X!

Everything You Need To Know About Suicide Squad 2's Polka-Dot Man

Abner Krill, the bizarre Polka-Dot Man, first crossed Batman’s path in 1962’s Detective Comics #300 after battling with the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder. Using a series of detachable dots from his unitard, Krill was able to piss Batman off pretty badly by capturing Robin. Of course Krill’s fancy dots (which include some that turn into flying saucers, act as flashbangs or even allow him to teleport) were no match for Batman’s utility belt and he found himself on the inside of a jail cell.

Years later, Krill would return to his criminal endeavors; however, even the Polk-Dot Man can fall on hard times. Without a constant income, Krill decided to go on a good old fashioned heist using a baseball bat as a weapon (see the image above!). Krill would go on to square off the Gotham PD and Nightwing over the years, routinely finding himself on the wrong side of a beating and heading back to jail before meeting his demise in 2009’s Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #4 when his head was, inconveniently, located under a manhole cover as it descended towards Earth. Recently, Krill was briefly a part of Task Force X in the Injustice comics before being quickly dispatched by the good old neck bomb.

David Dastmalchian landed the esteemed and sought after role of Polka-Dot Man in The Suicide Squad. Dastmalchian is no stranger to CBMs having been seen in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and in Marvel Studios Ant-Man franchise. 

Murphy’s Multiverse Dead Pool Predictions

Predicted chances of survival: 0%

Predicted manner of death: detonation of neck bomb by Rick Flag

RIP Polka-Dot Man


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