DC Studios’ New Cinematic Universe Won’t Recast Everyone

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DC Cinematic Universe’s future remains a big question mark. Co-CEO James Gunn has hinted that we’ll see our first look at the franchise’s future in January but anything can happen by then. Thinking back, so much has already changed and shifted with Wonder Woman 3 dead in the water and Henry Cavill no longer returning as Superman; just as he was about to return due to Dwayne Johnson‘s insistence that Black Adam is Superman’s biggest rival. Still, it made many assume that future projects would end up seeing their main stars recast outside of some Gunn mainstays from The Suicide Squad.

Well, Gunn is no stranger to outright speaking his mind and confirming that not everything is as the Internet wills it into existence. According to one of his latest tweets reacting to a few statements regarding the Snyderverse fandom, he reveals that he’s not going to just recast every actor that’s been a part of the DCEU so far.

The big question, however, is if the DCEU will remain the way it was or if they simply rebooting the entire thing with The Flash. A multiverse storyline is the perfect outlet to give the franchise another chance even if it’ll likely muddle up some people’s expectations of these stories. It would be ironic if some similar plans were set for Marvel Studios’ The Multiverse Saga but due to its urgency, DC got the chance to reboot their franchise first.

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