DC Studios’ Head Confronts “Uproarious” Fans’ Reactions to Recent Events

DC Studios

Let’s be frank, DC Extended Universe had its ups and downs. It wasn’t an easy ride for everyone involved, especially surrounding the Justice League film. What seems like a sure-fire billion dollar blockbuster project it just ended up sizzling out before it got going. Then a subsection of the internet started an entire campaign to revive the original vision by director Zack Snyder, which led to a four-hour epic that gave an existing film a newly formatted paint.

Now, Peter Safran and director James Gunn are at the helm to revive the entire project and it comes with some sacrifices along the way. Henry Cavill is out as Superman and the future of the Wonder Woman franchise remains a mystery at the moment after director Patty Jenkins moved on from the project due to creative differences. Now, Gunn took to his Twitter to openly discuss his thoughts on a certain fandom.

Gunn has always been quite outspoken on his feelings towards this new job and also used the opportunity of his Social Media to swiftly take down any rumors or statements that weren’t verified in any way. It’s never an easy task to become the new leader of an entire cinematic universe, but it does seem like we have nothing to worry about. It’s also great to see him be so upfront about this and share his love for what he’s about to create. No matter how one feels about the current developments, Gunn isn’t taking this lightly and is dedicated.

Source: Twitter

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