DC Studios Still Hopes to Make ‘Wonder Woman 3’ as Patty Jenkins Exits Project

wonder woman 3

Many wondered what exactly was the cause for Warner Bros. to pass on Patty Jenkins‘ third Wonder Woman film. They could’ve easily prepared the film for whatever they have planned under Peter Safran and James Gunn, but it seems that director Patty Jenkins has moved away from the project completely. According to Deadline, there were creative differences and this wasn’t purely on the new CEOs of DC Studios.

In their report, they highlight that there were issues with the direction of the story given the issues that Wonder Woman 1984 faced when it released. As it turns out, Jenkins has seemingly just left after they rejected her initial pitch even as the team was open for her to rewrite the film and try again. As such, if they move forward with a new Wonder Woman film, it does seem like Jenkins will no longer be involved as a writer, director or producer.

There’s also the question if her departure could lead to its main actress leaving the project behind. Gal Gadot has been quite a vocal fan of Jenkins‘ work but a recent post does seemingly hint that she’s excited for the future with or without the director. It would seem surprising if she’d completely drop the role of Diana Prince, but given recent reports there’s a lot of uncertainty with what exactly DC Studios has in store for the franchise’s revival plans. For now, we’ll have to just watch as everything unfolds.

Source: Deadline

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