Leaked ‘The Acolyte’ Set Photos Offer First Look at Lee Jung-jae

the acolyte set photos

It looks like The Acolyte is already busy filming and it seems like the first set photos for the Star Wars series has already found its way online. The first batch of set photos have seemingly revealed our first look at Lee Jung-jae on the set, who is seemingly playing a Jedi going by his outfit. There were recent hints that the story is focused on a Sith, which means they could be the Jedi that are in the way or even the reason they turned to the dark side of the Force.

The Acolyte might become one of Star Wars’s most exciting new series, as its the first project completely detached from the many legacy-oriented projects we’ve had so far. The Mandalorian started off as its own storyline until it started connecting with Star Wars Rebels and even featuring Mark Hamill‘s return as a de-aged Luke Skywalker. So, who knows if there might be ome bigger connections that haven’t been revealed quite yet.

There is also Skeleton Crew, which may be hinting at the future direction for the studio as it slowly tries to unshackle from what came before. We still might have those shows that start to connect the mythos of this galaxy but Lucasfilm might be trying to explore projects they otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to do so. Even Andor, which is a prequel to Rogue One, mostly works as its own project but still has some connective tissue to the larger universe we’ve come to love over the years.

Source: Daily Mail via Twitter

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