New ‘Wakanda Forever’ Concept Art Reveals Alternative Namor Designs

namor concept art

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has made a big splash in theaters with the introduction of Talocan and its ruler, Namor. While the film was mainly exploring grief, it also explored the parallels between Wakanda and Talcon. It created a very grounded and emotional story with a complex antagonist that has the potential to do good and also more bad.

Tenoch Huerta famously takes on the role in the film with a surprisingly comic accurate design. While they add many elements that reflect the characters Mayan roots, we still got his feet wings and the iconic green shorts. Yet, it seems they have played around with some alternative designs as revealed by concept artist Wesley Burt.

You can already see the cultural inspirations in these early designs, and it seems like director Ryan Coogler knew exactly how he wanted to tackle the character of Namor. The fifth design actually showcases one that seems quite close to an armor he wore in the comics. So, they definitely also used his various runs as an inspiration but they ended up going with his more classic design.

Namor feels like a major character that we can definitely expect to see sooner rather than later, but sadly there’s still no news on a potential spinoff. Recent reports did hint that they can’t actually produce a film due to the film rights still being with Universal; an issue he shares with Hulk. So, perhaps there’s a different project that might see Huerta return to the iconic role once again with perhaps a new design inspired by these earlier concepts.

Source: Instagram

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