Netflix No Longer Moving Forward with ‘Klaus’ Director’s Next Film

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Why is it always animation when companies need to save money? Sadly, it seems that Netflix has decided they are no longer moving forward with a hand-drawn animated film by director Sergio Pablos. The mastermind behind the amazingly animated Klaus was going to direct a film titled Ember but surprisingly this might not have been scratched for cost-saving measures but rather due to creative decisions.

Pablos is not losing the rights to Ember, however, and is openly looking to show the film at another studio. The director has worked on projects like Despicable Me and Smallfoot. So, perhaps he’ll find a new home as part of Dreamworks’ current new direction but there’s also always the chance that they could try their hand at Disney getting their hands on it.

The only thing we know about the film was its description as an “epic adventure tale of humankind’s quest for fire told through the eyes of young Dikika who embarks on an impossible race to a distant volcano to retrieve the precious spark that will save her tribe.” It was only hinted as a hand-drawn animated project but there are no details if it would’ve shared a similar art style to Klaus.

Animation has been going through a rough patch and here’s hoping that we’ll see a more positive development. While Netflix still released some of its projects like the recent Wendell & Wild or even Pinocchio, it also decided to scratch quite a few productions. Animated TV projects like Wings of Fire, and With Kind Regards From Kindergarten never got a chance to get going.

Source: Variety

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