‘MOON KNIGHT’ Leads Spotted in Budapest as Production Ramps Up

moon knight oscar isaac

The two biggest names attached to Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ exclusive Moon Knight series have, as predicted, been spotted in Budapest, Hungary, as the show moves its production schedule along. A fan bumped into Oscar Isaac, playing the show’s titular character, and Ethan Hawke, whose role hasn’t yet been disclosed, while biking through a city park. He caught both actors in good spirits as the photo that was taken clearly shows.




This marks Marvel Studios’ return to the Hungarian capital after Black Widow also shot there for a few weeks back in 2019. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier also spent a big amount of time shooting in nearby Prague in the Czech Republic (posing as Riga, Latvia), as eastern Europe locations have increasingly managed to make their way into the MCU. It’s a good sign that the film production company is seeking new ways to expand their franchise outside of their usual Atlanta shooting location.

Moon Knight, which still doesn’t have an official release date, will probably premiere in 2022. It will take viewers inside the complicated mind of Marc Spector (Isaac), a former marine, as he deals with dissociative identity disorder (or does he?). The show will dive into Egyptian mythology, as Egyptian moon god Khonshu saves Spector after an unsuccessful mission in northern Africa, giving him a new lease on life. It is uncertain what role Ethan Hawke has, but we do know that he will be playing the main antagonist in the story. The Disney+ series may potentially become of one of Marvel Studios’ darkest and we cannot wait for it to release.

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