Ethan Hawke Joins ‘MOON KNIGHT’ as Its Big Bad

With a March start of production just around the corner, Marvel Studios Disney Plus streaming series Moon Knight is beginning to fill out its cast. Just the other day May Calamawy joined the cast as the female lead and now today, a trade report claims that Ethan Hawke has jumped on board as the antagonist opposite Oscar Isaac.

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Hawke’s role is being kept under wraps (as is pretty much everything about Moon Knight at the moment) and even though Marc Spector’s rogues’ gallery isnt’ quite as extensive as Spider-Man’s, there are still several intriguing possibilities. The 50-year old Hawke has been nominated for 4 Academy Awards and has the range to play anyone from Spector’s crazy brother Randall, to Count Nefaria, to a lead member of the Committee to the Lord of Vampires (early rumors indicate that this series would lean HEAVY into the supernatural and include characters such as Dracula and Jack Russell).

Moon Knight is set to film this Spring and should stream on Disney Plus sometime in early 2022.

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