‘WANDAVISION’: Escaping Westview

After JJ’s piece on how Wanda and The Vision might have gotten themselves where we found them, living a seemingly idyllic life in the small town of Westview, it’s time to try and figure out how they might get out of that predicament.

It has been made somewhat clear, through TV spots and such, that WandaVision is set in a sort of Pocket Reality. We take it that it was something created by Wanda’s own reality-warping powers even if the implications of it all, on the outside world, might escape her. The fact that she was able to rewind the action at the sight of the “beekeeper” shows us she is still a bit in control, but the way we constantly S.W.O.R.D. (Agent Jimmy Woo?) trying to contact her, asking “Who is doing this to you?” shows us that she probably is being coerced by someone else. Even if she isn’t aware of it.

Having Wanda stuck in a situation like this might bring a lot of both physical or metaphysical rewards to whoever is behind it. But to Wanda herself, the rewards are the perfect life she never had the chance to live. With Vision and her children by her side, she couldn’t be happier, even if it’s all a fabrication. This way, with her subconscious drawing from the sitcoms that shaped her “perfect life” ideals, she avoids the real world at all costs, the one filled with death and loss, while trying to remain impervious to whatever might stand in her happiness’ way.

But we’ve already seen how S.W.O.R.D. is actively trying to get in contact with her inside that fictitious bubble. The outside world probably isn’t being able to deal with the situation she helped create, and she must be convinced to fight against whatever is compelling her to keep up the charade. This won’t be an easy task since it would mean for her to lose The Vision once again, and to lose the children and the life she envisioned having with the love of her life. She would have to face the reality that she wouldn’t be able to have it all, no matter what. She will have to destroy her life in order for others, that might not really appreciate her for being different, might have a chance to live. For a regular person, this would already be extremely hard to deal with. For someone like Wanda, that already had to endure so much loss throughout her life, that has the power to warp reality itself, this might just be the tipping point, and it might break her.

Her next appearance is set to be in Doctor Strange: In The Multiverse of Madness. If the events of WandaVision do indeed go the way we’re expecting, Wanda might be a very different character by the time the Doctor Strange sequel comes around, and we should be contemplating the possibility of her being (one of) that movie’s antagonist(s).

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