‘WandaVision’ Running With The Devil

Fans around the world have begun rejoicing in the fact that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has returned an unpredictable hiatus that saw many projects delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. This return was rung in with the premier of WandaVision, set within the town of Westview. Wanda Maximoff and The Vision have settled down to live out the perfect life in an ideal, all-American town that isn’t all of what it seems. Throughout the first two episodes, fans will notice that things are always slightly off, whether it be the fleeting feeling of reality slipping or the realization that no one knows just what is going on most of the time. Throughout the two-episode premiere, many sly and seemingly innocent lines and details are scattered throughout the episodes that may lead fans to believe there may be something much larger in play.

In the second episode, we see Wanda and Vision participate in the local talent show; throughout the episode one thing is consistently mentioned: the show is “For The Children.” On the surface level, you believe that it’s just a whole-hearted charity fundraiser, but towards the end of the second episode it’s revealed that Wanda is indeed pregnant. My running theory is that a grief-stricken and desperate Wanda, made a deal with the devil, commonly known as Mephisto within the Marvel Universe, bringing the Vision back to life in exchange for her firstborn. Wanda would soon realize that she’d made a mistake and is determined to keep her children and her Vision and live the perfect life, and in order to protect her family, she’d unintentionally created this false reality where life was like the perfect American family reminiscent of sitcoms past.

Witches of New Salem (magic New Salem residents)

Playing into this Devil’s deal theory, The citizens of Westview, who I believe to be a Coven that Wanda’s made a part of her reality, and while this may be a stretch, I believe we’re a big part in helping Wanda make this deal with the devil. The way Dottie makes a few mentions of the devil and how Agatha acts so careless around her leads me to believe the two could be leaders of the coven, specifically Abigail and Agatha Harkness in what could possibly be what was once New Salem before it was shifted to fit Wanda’s ideal life.

The long-awaited premier of WandaVision has left plenty of fans with a mind full of questions that will all be answered….in due time, but for now we’re left speculating as to what’s really going on in the town of Westview, above and below.


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