‘Evil Dead Rise’ Director Teases a Film “Fueled by Blood”

evil dead rise

Evil Dead is back, and one of the few projects to actually benefit from Warner Bros. Discovery’s recent mismanagement. Originally, the film was set to become an HBO Max original and they didn’t scrap it like some other unlucky projects. Instead, Evil Dead Rise by director Lee Cronin was made a theatrically exclusive release and 2023 will finally give us the return to a much-loved horror franchise.

Sadly, Cronin can’t give us any details regarding what we can expect from the Deadite’s return, but he makes one clear promise: there shall be blood! The franchise has never shied away from making good use of bloodshed and it seems that the film “straps you onto a rocket that’s fueled by blood” in a recent interview with Empire.

It straps you onto a rocket that’s fueled by blood. You can either get off or you stay on ’til it explodes.

Lee Cronin

A rocket fueled by blood sounds exactly like what one would want from an Evil Dead entry. It’s unclear still if this is a continuation of the original trilogy or perhaps we might even see this as a direct sequel to the remake from 2013. It’s crazy to think that it has taken another 10+ years to get to this point and hopefully a trailer isn’t too far anymore to get a good feeling for how this project might stay true to the previous entries.

Source: Empire

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