New ‘Secret Invasion’ Set Video Offers Closer Look at Ben Mendelsohn

secret invasion set video

The Secret Invasion set just keeps on giving, as our first video from the set has found its way online with our first full look at Ben Mendelsohn. In the last piece, we noticed that you could see his head next to Samuel L. Jackson, but we never got a clear shot. Well, a new video has surfaced from @BlueHarvesttoys that gives us a full look at the actor on set. While many will always remember him as the Skrull Talos, the actor did appear as himself in Captain Marvel, and it looks like that has become his default disguise in the upcoming Disney+ series.

We still don’t know which side Talos is on and what the future may have in store for the Skrull if his race starts a war against their own. They seem to be in-between shots in this scene, which won’t give us any real hints on what exactly they are doing in this sequence, which will take place in Russia as part of the Disney+ series. Secret Invasion will adapt the iconic comic storyline but will take some liberties with the original, especially with how we were introduced to the alien race in the MCU.

Source: Twitter

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