RUMOR: Marvel Studios to Reteam with Michael Giacchino on ‘Werewolf By Night’ Follow-Up

Michael Giacchino is a cornerstone of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since Doctor Strange his theaters in 2016, the fanfare he created has become one of the world’s most recognizable jingles. He has scored 5 Marvel Studios films and in 2022 directed the studio’s first Special Presentation–for which he created another unique and catchy fanfare–Werewolf By Night. The streaming special caught fire with audiences and Giacchino’s work in creating a singular look for the new corner of the MCU drew heavy praise. Fans have been eager for Giacchino to reteam with Marvel Studios for a new project and while he recused himself from the search for a director for Blade, a new rumor making the rounds suggests that by waiting, he may have found himself a perfect scenario.

According to insider Daniel RPK, Marvel Studios is eyeing Giacchino to helm their big-screen Midnight Sons project.

First assembled to battle Lilith in 1992’s Ghost Rider #31, the roster of the Midnight Sons/Midnight Suns team has changed greatly with each iteration though the mission has mostly remained the same: stop supernatural shit from happening on Earth. And that’s where Giachhino fits in.

While there’s been no official word on who might make up the team, Werewolf By Night, Man-Thing and Elsa Bloodstone have all been members of the squad in the comics and those just happen to be characters Giacchino is very familiar with. Additionally, if he were to helm the project, he could get his chance to work with Blade, who he previously described as one of his favorite Marvel characters.

I mean, look, I love Blade. I think that’s an amazing, amazing character. It’s one of my favorites. But I feel like that thing is already in motion in a way that is like, and I’m in motion on other things as well, and there’s just– It’s a whole… you know. It’s just, timing-wise, it’s a little crazy. So I feel like, you know… I want that to be a great movie. I want that to be an awesome movie, because that character deserves it in a huge way. But yeah, right now, I mean, no.

Michael Giacchino on why he’s not directing Marvel Studios Blade

Given the rumors that horror scream queen Mia Goth is playing Lilith in Blade–which is still scheduled to go into production later this year–it’s possible that a Midnight Sons film could also serve as a follow-up to that film and, like the comics, see the team assemble to take on her and her 9 demonic offspring, the Lilin. A handful of other members from the comic book team already exist in the MCU (Doctor Strange, Moon Knight and Wong) and there could be more on the way as a rumored Ghost Rider project remains in development. While there’s no timeline for when to expect the Midnight Sons film just yet, it certainly sounds like the perfect opportunity for the studio to reteam with Giacchino and let him work his magic one more time.

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