A Rumored Shortlist of Candidates for Sue Storm Makes the Rounds

Though it’s not expected to begin filming for quite some time, Marvel Studios Fantastic Four film continues to be the subject of casting rumors. Recently, Adam Driver, whose name has been circulated in connection with the film previously, was rumored to be in final talks for the role of Reed Richards. And now another name familiar to those who have been following the rumor mill has popped back up on a list of potential candidates for Sue Storm.

According to a popular YouTube sensationalist, Academy Award Nominess Vanessa Kirby (Pieces of a Woman) tops director Matt Shakman and casting director Sarah Finn‘s wishlist for the role of the Invisible Woman. According to the rumor, the rest of that list includes Allison Williams, Jodie Comer and Mila Kunis. Interestingly enough, Kunis was spotted meeting with Shakman in February, sparking speculation that she might be involved with the project.

A previous trade report indicated that Shakman and crew were looking to find their Sue Storm before casting anyone else, suggesting Sue was the “center” of the team and after finding the right fit, they would build “out the rest of the team.” There’s not a bad choice on the list of rumored front-runners and it’s very likely that the casting process is coming to a close given that it has been ongoing for months.

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