‘Fantastic Four’ Casting Update Teases a Sue-Centric Story

Reed Richards is the brains of the Fantastic Four but Susan Storm has always been the heart and soul of Marvel’s First Family. As casting for Marvel Studios Fantastic Four gets underway, it looks as though the studio heads and director Matt Shakman understand just how important of a character the Invisible Woman is to the success of the project.

According to Deadline’s Justin Kroll, as Shakman and Marvel Studios casting department, led by Sarah Finn, start the search for the MCU’s Fantastic Four, Sue is at the center. Kroll states that “the focus” of the casting process is finding their Sue Storm “and building out the rest of the team” from there.

Given the importance of Sue to the rest of the cast, it would seem that the character will be the centerpiece of whatever story Shakman intends to tell, something that has long been the case in the comics. The report’s indication that casting is just now gearing up is interesting as a slew of names has been passed around as “top contenders” for months now. It also makes Shakman’s recent meeting with star Mila Kunis a bit more interesting as it could indicate potential interest in Kunis for the role of Sue.

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