RUMOR: New ‘Batgirl’ Set Photos Hint at Ivory Aquino Playing Alysia Yeoh

batgirl ivory aquino

Batgirl is still busy filming in Glasglow, and quite a few set photos have found their way online throughout the last week. We got a good look at some curious Easter eggs with some deep-cuts from the DC mythos. Not just that, Leslie Grace even shared the first look at Barbara Gordon’s suit, which is inspired by the Burnside comics. They also seem to be taking inspiration from Batgirl: Year One to bring this new take on the character to life. One part in particular from Burnside seems to be the inclusion of Alysia Yeoh, Barbara Gordon’s best friend and roommate if the latest set photos are to be believed.

A while before production started on the film, we reported that the film was looking to cast an Asian transgender actress under the name “Alanna”. Fans of the storyline would instantly recognize the description to match that of Alysia Yeoh. The film has made multiple casting announcements but no word on who may be tackling the role of Yeoh. Luckily, a new set photo may have given us our first hint.

The actress standing next to Leslie Grace, as pointed out by Twitter user @1gnister_, is believed to be Ivory Aquino. She’s rather new to acting and is mostly known for her role as Cecilia Chung in the mini-series When We Rise. In the casting call, it hinted that Alysia and Barbara may be childhood friends due to them also seeking to cast a younger Alanna. This is quite a bit different from the comic storyline but may be used to further

No official word on the casting has been made yet, but with it out there now it’s likely an official word will come soon. Batgirl is reportedly set to release in theaters later this year and HBO Max later this although no official date has been set just yet.

Source: Twitter

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