‘Batgirl’ Filming an Action Sequence in New Leaked Set Video

batgirl set video

It’s been a bit crazy just how much we’ve already seen from the Batgirl set. There were a variety of set photos that teased Easter eggs, locations, and Glasglow fully turning into Gotham once again. The creative team behind the HBO Max film knew that a first look at the suit was going to leak online eventually. So, they took it upon themselves to ensure our first full look isn’t through a picture from the distance. Now, a new video has found its way online featuring Leslie Grace or a stuntwoman preparing to jump from a platform on top of a moving vehicle.

Interestingly enough, closer shots reveal she wearing goggles, which is a tribute to the comic, where she also wore goggles on top of her cowl. It’s great to see this homemade approach to her costume that is highlighted with the first look that we got of the full design inspired by the Burnside storyline.

So far, all we’ve seen of the film has been quite promising and they only just got started filming. There’s still some time before we get a full look at the project, but we’ll see just how much might find its way online as they continue production, such as the first look at Michael Keaton‘s return as Batman or even the teased Robin.

Source: Twitter

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