RUMOR: ‘The Batman Part II’ Finds Its Two-Face

It’s hard to imagine a live-action Batman film franchise without Harvey Dent. Indeed, iterations of the character have already inhabited the Burton-verse and Nolan-verse, helping the charismatic wild card join the Joker, the Riddler, the Penguin and Catwoman as household names among Batman’s rogues gallery. Rumors have persisted that Matt ReevesThe Batman Part II might feature the character and given the Gotham created by Reeves in 2022’s The Batman it’s easy to imagine Dent could play an integral role in the sequel. Now a rumor from an unfamiliar and unproven source suggests that DC Studios has found their man to fill the Elseworld’s role.

A quick check of IMDB shows that a stunt double and a personal assistant for Boyd Holbrook are listed for The Batman Part II. According to Medium’s “source”, Holbrook has joined the cast as Harvey Dent, though they mention that DC has declined to comment. Of course, taken by itself, IMDB can be misleading if not entirely unreliable, and time will bear out the reliability of Medium as a source for breaking news.

Previously, Josh Hartnett and Joel Edgerton had been rumored to be up for the role of Harvey Dent. With the release date having recently been moved forward a year to October 2, 2026, it’s possible that both of those of actors became unavailable, forcing DC to go looking for someone else to fill the role. According to Medium, that same release date shift allowed Holbrook’s schedule to be cleared up for the role.

Source: Medium

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