RUMOR: ‘The Flash’ Might Set Up a New Justice League

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The Justice League can be considered the crown jewel of the DC Universe, where some of its greatest and most popular characters brought together as its definitive team. In live-action, however, they’ve struggled making that a reality. 2017’s Justice League was a testament to that struggle, and it’s been a long road until we got Zack Snyder’s Justice League. With so much up in the air, fans are wondering just when and where we might see the team return again to the big screen, and if rumors are to be believed, The Flash may have the answers.

Take this as a spoiler warning, while it is still a rumor, it may give away important plot details of the upcoming The Flash film. So, only continue at your own risk.

Leaker MyTimeToShine recently took a quick break from sharing info on Marvel Studio’s projects to dish out some info on the upcoming The Flash film, and gave away how it’ll reinstate the popular superhero team into the universe after it was left open-ended since the initial release of the Justice League film.

As such, we may expect an all-new Justice League once the film ends its runtime. With the events of the previous films, most noticeably any Snyderverse entry, supposedly erased from the timeline, this would mean the team never came together to fight Steppenwolf and Barry would be the only one with knowledge of that battle. Here in this new universe, Barry will reportedly bring together a team with the first members being Supergirl and Shazam. Geeks Worldwide’s KC Walsh further backed up these claims:

It’s still unclear just who the rest of the roster will be but it seems likely that both Aquaman and Wonder Woman will most likely return. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a “first time” for these characters or they also will remember being part of a previous iteration of the Justice League. We’ll see what this means for the future of the DCEU

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