RUMOR: ‘The Flash’ May Soft-Reboot the DCEU and “Erase” The Snyderverse


Continuity in the DC extended universe has been a bit loose these past few years with a lot of factors up in the air. It’s been tough for many fans who just wanted solid answers on the future of beloved characters like Batman and Superman, two pillars of the franchise throughout many mediums. We’ve known for a while now that Affleck was basically out the door, and Henry Cavill’s future is still very much up in the air. Some recent reports seem to point us in the direction of where the DCEU will be heading and the future of the extended universe.

MyTimeToShine, who made a name for themselves with stories based off of Marvel Studios’ upcoming projects, recently shared some details on The Flash, and just what effects the film will have on the shared universe. By the sounds of it, it’s not going to be good for long-time fans of Zack Snyder‘s additions to the franchise, who was the person that initially kicked off the new rendition of the franchise.

As such, The Flash may effectively “erase” the events of Man of Steel, Batman Vs Superman, and Justice League. Along with the films, Flash would also be erasing both Affleck and Cavill from the DCEU timeline entirely with the return of Michael Keaton cementing him as the new Bruce Wayne. Of course, it’s uncertain how the film will accomplish this and with the multiverse, it may simply end up redefining the mainline timeline like in DC’s famous Crisis events.

This news, if it pans out, will undoubtedly upset many fans as the films made by Zack Snyder that started it all are quite beloved by parts of the fandom. Cavill also never really got his dues, and didn’t get another chance to prove that he could be the definitive live-action Superman that many fans knew he had the potential to be, but the actor still stays booked and busy.

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