‘SHE-HULK’ Eyeing February 2021 Production Start

Marvel Studios is slowly restarting its productions. We just recently got some set photos from Falcon and the Winter Soldier showing off Bartoc the Leaper and Agent 13. Even as the pandemic still looms over everyone’s head, they are trying to plan out the next production starts. Looks like one more is joining the club, as both The Direct and Illuminerdi reported the show is eyeing a production start for 2021. It seems that they will try to kickstart production in February. They are currently eyeing Atlanta to film the series, which has become a staple for the franchise’s productions. As of now, the only MCU series without a production start is Moon Knight.

So far, we only know that they are eyeing an Alison Brie-type actress for the titular role. Yet, we haven’t heard anything since. Hopefully, we get some kind of casting announcement in the coming months before production starts. Mark Ruffalo has already expressed his interest in appearing on the show. It would be strange not to include Jennifer Walters’ cousin whose blood transfer turned her into She-Hulk. Hulk and Banner have fused into Professor Hulk, so it won’t be cheap to include him. It also opens up the question of how they will approach She-Hulk’s transformation. CGI seems like the obvious choice, so maybe this show will have a smaller episode count to avoid budgetary issues.

Source: The Direct, Illuminerdi, Knighted Edge Media, Variety

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