‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Concept Art Reveals Alternative Goblin Glider

spider man no way home goblin

As Spider-Man: No Way Home is about to hit digital and it seems like more and more artwork is finding its way online. We just recently got a first look at an alternative design for the Lizard, and it seems that the Green Goblin also almost featured a very different glider. While Norman Osborne ditches his mask in the film, it seems that one version of the script may have seen him stitch it back together and plant it firmly on the glider, as revealed in some artwork by Josh Nizzi.

What makes this version of the Glider stand out is that it’s actually put together by different elements from past Spidey films. It would not only include Stark tech but even be built based on some of Mysterio’s drones. The mask was an addition to pay tribute to the original design, but sadly it seems that Willem Dafoe didn’t get a chance to ride this great variation of the glider in the final film.

Sadly, we don’t know what lead to them scrapping this idea, but it seems likely that having to explain how he got his hands on this tech might’ve just complicated an already stuffed-to-the-brim film. It would’ve brought the Damage Control unit back who vanish after their introduction earlier in the film, but it would only detract from the emotional build-up between the three Spider-Men in the film. So, sometimes cuts have to be made to ensure the flow of the film remains.

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