Spidey 3 Allegedly Titled ‘SPIDER-MAN: HOMESICK’

In what’s probably a case of something being too good to be true, it seems that everyone in the entertainment industry other than me already knows the title to the third installment of Marvel Studios and Sony’s Spider-Man franchise. And the kicker is they’re casually flaunting it and nobody’s noticing! If the internet and some rumblings on the ground are to be believed, we’ll all be watching Spider-Man: Homesick in theaters next December.

UPDATE: According to a report from The Direct, Maxim magazine, one of the sites referring to the film as Homesick, based their decision on rumors and speculation, shining doubt on the legitimacy of the title.

This is not a confirmation on my part but simply me sharing evidence that’s out there. Whether or not this is the official title or not remains to be seen. Take a look at what’s out there already:

Both Esquire and Maxim have, for quite some time now, listed Spider-Man: Homesick on their websites’ respective upcoming superhero films pages.

If this isn’t the title, it wouldn’t be the first time a mistake like this has happened (Jude Law was playing Mar-Vell and the Controller was going to be the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy, after all) and it wouldn’t be a big deal. On the other hand, it also wouldn’t be the first time the title to an upcoming Marvel Studios film casually leaked. You might remember that we all found out about the last Avengers film’s Endgame subtitle when the composer leaked it on his resume. So it really could go either way, which is why we asked around a little bit to see what we could find out.

While we certainly can’t get confirmation from the studio, we did some digging around. As we reported the other day, set construction and prep work for the film has already begun in Atlanta where it is also being referred to as Homesick. Is that what it’s being called because, other than me, everyone has read Esquire and Maxim or is that what it’s called because that’s what it’s called? Your call but that’s not the only name we’ve heard and 

Spider-Man: Homesick (?) should swing into theaters December 17th, 2021.

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