Not So Fast My Friend: Spider-Man May Not Be Homesick After All

Yesterday we ran a piece where we pointed out that both Maxim and Esquire were referring to the upcoming and officially untitled Spider-Man sequel as Spider-Man: Homesick. In that piece, we also mentioned that some crew in Atlanta were referring to it as such though we also shared that it wasn’t the ONLY title we heard it was going by. Now, the crew at The Direct have helped shine a little light on the matter.

The site reports that they reached out to Maxim about their use of the Homesick subtitle and their writer confirmed to them that they were going off of speculation and rumors when writing the article. So it looks like, as was mentioned yesterday, this could potentially be the result of an echo chamber of bad info. The good news here is that if it isn’t Homesick, we can all hope for a better title!

Source: The Direct

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