Connecting Imaginary Dots: A Kinnaman-Kraven Connection

A few days ago, Charles Murphy reported in a What I Heard This Week report, that Sony-Marvel are looking for a Joel Kinnaman “type” for a certain role in the third Spider-Man movie. It appears there is a chance that Kinnaman himself may not only fit the part, but could very well be cast in the film after all. This is by no means official, and mostly speculation based on a bit of detective work, but please read on and judge for yourself.

It is known that Joel Kinnaman and Tom Holland worked closely together on the film Edge Of Winter back in 2015. That film premiered the following year, along with Suicide Squad and Captain America: Civil War. The two became friends, mutually follow each other on Instagram, and Tom even popped up on the set to the Suicide Squad, via a now deleted post on Kinnaman’s Instagram.

Now, it would be easy and kind of silly to just say, well they’re friends so Kinnaman is definitely in Spider-Man 3 for that reason. But it is a small piece of evidence which is clear and undeniable. So while I wouldn’t rely on that solely for conclusions, I’ll just leave it out there.  

What is also undeniable is that the much rumored, much anticipated, appearance of Kraven the Hunter in the Spider-Man universe, makes a hell of a lot of sense for the sequel. The way Spider-Man: Far From Home left off, with the cliffhanger of Peter’s secret identity being outed by one very loud mouthed J. Jonah Jamesson, plus Peter being framed for Mysterio’s murder, it seems only natural that the next installment would feature someone trying to capture the webslinger whether it be for justice, or just for the thrill of the hunt!

So Kraven the Hunter is extremely likely to be in it. In fact, our own Charles Murphy surmised as much in a Connecting Imaginary Dots feature back in February.

Also undeniable, is the fact that Kinnaman is a just about perfect casting choice to play the Russian born hunter Sergei Kravinoff as strongly hinted at in Charles’ other previously mentioned article.

So, there’s the age old question, if they are or were looking for an actor or actress who is the perfect type for a role, then why in the world don’t they just hire that actor? Of course contract negotiations, and availability can play a big part in whether or not an actor gets or takes a role, but in this case I think there is a strong possibility he might actually already have it. A check of Kinnaman’s IMDb seems to show his schedule clear for the time being.

There is also some interesting connections revealed courtesy of Instagram.

The man you see Tom Holland praising in the Instagram post above is George Cottle. He is the stunt co-ordinator and assistant director for Spider-Man: Far From Home as well as the upcoming Spider-Man film, and stunt co-ordinator for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Very interestingly, Cottle also follows Kinnaman on Instagram. I checked and it doesn’t appear they had worked together before, tho perhaps they are friends through Tom Holland. However, the fact that it didn’t take much scrolling to get down to Kinnaman’s name on his following list makes me think that follow may be fairly recent. 

Perhaps I’m leaping to a conclusion, a bit too enthusiastic whilst stalking my prey of new information, but I would say there is a strong chance Kinnaman is in Spider-Man: the threequel possibly aka… ugh… Homesick. And yes it is very possible, since he’s just about perfect for it, that he is actually playing Kraven the Hunter himself!

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