What I Heard This Week: Marvel Studios is Kraving Joel Kinnaman

Every now and then I come across some information the veracity of which can be confirmed by a second source. What happens FAR more often is that I come across some information that, while believable and from trustworthy sources, cannot be confirmed by other sources for various reasons (sometimes they just don’t want to tell me yes!). For example, a couple of months ago I got word about updated start dates for Sony’s Uncharted and Spider-Man 3 and how Tom Holland might have to juggle those schedules. As you know, Uncharted got going just as I reported and Comicbook.com later verified the planned start date for Spidey 3.

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Before you go on, understand that despite everything I said above, this story should not be considered a scoop or an exclusive or anything more than just a rumor at this point because I cannot, at the moment, find a second source to confirm what I’m sharing here. That said, this checks a lot of boxes and is exactly the kind of thing I would want someone to share with me should they have heard something like it. So…here we go.

It appears that Marvel Studios is looking for a Joel Kinnaman-type for an unspecified role in the upcoming Untitled Spider-Man Sequel. Given all the rumors and speculation around what Spidey 3 will likely be about and what villains we are likely to see in it, it’s incredibly easy to make yourself believe that the studio wants this Kinnaman-type for a major role and one that fans are dying to see introduced in the film: Kraven…and I’ll be damned if Kinnaman isn’t perfect for it.

Keep in mind that when studios say they want a “Kinnaman-type” or “Allison Brie-type” that is NOT an indication that that’s the actor they’ve settled on. Those phrases are there to give the various casting agencies an idea of which of their people they should be putting up for the role or checking with to see if they’re available, interested, etc.

So what is a Joel Kinnaman-type and what does it tell us? It gives us a lot of info, to be honest. It means they’re looking for a Caucasian, probably 30-45, who is big (think physically imposing) but who can act as well. They don’t just want muscle here; they want someone who has some experience as a lead because this is likely a character they’re going to develop over the course of the film like they did with Michael Keaton’s Vulture and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio. So while they may not get Kinnaman for the role, you can see why he’s the “type” they want. He’s 6’2″, has a lean physique and has packed on muscle for several roles (see Altered Carbon), has a ton of experience (including work on CBMs) and, much like Kraven, has traveled the world.

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Kinnaman is the guy I never knew I wanted as Kraven until I made this connection, but I want to urge caution one more time before signing off. As exciting as this is, there are too many questions around it to take it as fact. Is the role actually Kraven? It’s unknown but when you start piecing things together it sure seems like it. Would they actually be able to land Kinnaman? I don’t follow him too closely, but it seems like he may have an opening in his schedule this Fall/Winter. Marvel Studios scored big with both Spidey villain castings; Kinnaman would make it a hat trick.

As always, we’ll be working here at Murphy’s Multiverse to find actual EVIDENCE of this, so until then take this as nothing more than a wild rumor that will get you way more excited than you have any reason to be…and cross your fingers that you get to see Kinnaman as Kraven when Spider-Man 3 comes to theaters in December of 2021.


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