Adria Arjona Joins ‘Rogue One’ Spin-Off

Disney+’s The Mandalorian was a great start to highlight what is possible with this new streaming service. It especially opened up so much potential for exploring the different parts of a galaxy far, far away. While news on the Kenobi show has been rather sparse, Deadline just got its hands on some interesting casting news. It seems that¬†Adria Arjona, who recently appeared in 6 Underground, will join series star Diego Luna in the upcoming Rogue One spin-off. She rounds out the cast alongside Denise Gough, Genevieve O’Reilly, Alan Tudyk, Stellan Skarsgard, and Kyle Soller.

No details are given by Deadline but she will have a lead role in the series which will follow Cassian Andor’s early days as a Rebel agent. So far, the only returning cast members of Rogue One are Diego Luna as the titular character and Alan Tudyk as K-2SO. While the announcement caught many off-guard at the time, it offers a unique perspective into this galaxy. As a spy, he can pretty much end up in many different scenarios. This could give us a closer look at how the Empire operated during this time. Maybe also introduce other factions besides the Rebels that were fighting for their freedom. We only got glimpses so far, so this show may offer a closer look at the daily life under the Empire’s thumb.

Source: Deadline


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