UPDATE: Director Garth Davis Attached to Direct ‘Tron: Ares’

UPDATE: Now this is an unexpected reveal. As mentioned below, Jared Leto is attached to star and produce the upcoming Tron film. Little was known about the project and there was no title released. Well, it looks like Leto may have accidentally revealed that the upcoming threequel will be titled Tron: Ares in his announcement tweet. He did change it to just TRON shortly after the tweet went online. Ares is an interesting subtitle choice. The obvious connection would be to the God of Greek mythology. So, we may see the war from Legacy between the real and digital worlds. It also works as nod to the Ares Network, a peer-to-peer file-sharing application. Whatever it could be, it is exciting to know that the Tron franchise is back.


There is hope that the wait between Tron: Legacy and a third installment won’t take another 28 years. It’s already been ten years since Legacy released and fans have been patient for an official update. There was hope that Disney+ would offer the possibility to explore this digital world without the fear of another live-action film underperforming. Rumors started circulating that a new film was back in development back in July. Jared Leto had been involved with the project since 2017 but it never really picked up steam. The only thing that was missing was a director. Well, it seems they finally found someone to continue this legacy franchise.

Deadline reported that Disney has now hired Garth Davis to direct the new Tron film. This would be the director’s first major blockbuster film, as he is mostly known for his indie productions. His film Lion even received six Oscar nominations back in 2017 putting him on everyone’s radar. What stands out is that the director seems to have been pursuing this film quite aggressively. We don’t know if he is a fan of the franchise, or simply wanted to explore the world but the enthusiasm is great to see. It seems this will still be based on an existing script by Jesse Wigutow with Leto producing. Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook are also attached as producers. Here’s hoping that this film could potentially breathe new life into the franchise, as it has the potential to expand with a series on Disney+. My only hope is that they keep the amazing designs from Legacy and explore the Grid.


Source: DisInsider, Deadline

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