Storyboards Offer First Look at a Canceled Series by ‘Arcane’s Riot Games

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There are always a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that sometimes never see the light of day. Nowadays, it’s sadly become common that projects don’t always make it out and they can even end rather early in their production cycle. That also seems to be the case with a never announced Riot Games series that was likely based on League of Legends like the popular Arcane Netflix series.

Artist Seung Eun Kim has released a plethora of storyboards that seemingly hint at a series that was never released. It’s unclear why Riot Games didn’t move forward with it, but perhaps they wanted to go all-in with Arcane and use it as a jumping off point for other projects given its popularity. The scenes shared don’t quite give away who was involved but some LoL veterans might notice similarities to characters from the game.

It does seem to feature an uprising of some kind against soldiers. The man in the big armor may resemble the character of Garenwho was the head of the DAuntless Vanguard in the story. The story seemed to be action-heavy and explores the female character’s backstory before she herself joined the soldiers she once fought, or perhaps is on the other side of the frontlines.

Kim doesn’t give away any details but it’s a shame this series never got to fully go into production. We’re still waiting on an update to Arcane’s second season and it would be surprising if they haven’t already mapped out potential spinoffs based on its success. Perhaps this concept will be revived at one point down the line.

Source: ArtStation

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