SWCA: ‘The Mandalorian’s Volume Was First Used on 2018’s ‘Solo’

mandalorian volume

The Mandalorian was a landmark project that pushed the technology known as The Volume. Instead of using a green screen, they create digital assets put on actual LED screens surrounding the actors and their performance. Since its first use, the technology has evolved quite a bit and even became a staple for big-budget films like The Batman and the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. Yet, it turns out that the initial version of the technology has its origin back in 2018, as it was used in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Our very own Hunter Radesi has shared some insights from a press conference with Ron Howard during the Star Wars Celebration event. There, the director revealed that the technology that would eventually become one of The Mandalorian‘s hallmarks was briefly used in that film. The only difference was that they didn’T use it for a 360° shot but rather just in the Millenium Falcon’s cockpit.

It seems that they wanted the actors to experience what it was like going into hyperspace while sitting in the cockpit, which was the first use of the Volume within the Star Wars franchise. It definitely is an interesting surprise and it’s crazy to think just how far the technology has come since those days. It’ll also be interesting to see what the future has in store for it as it continues to evolve and potentially become an essential tool for modern filmmaking.

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