‘Doctor Strange 2’ VFX Team Worked on a 40-Second Scene for Over a Year

doctor strange 2 vfx

There are always highly discussed takes on how Marvel Studios handles its VFX and CG work on their films. While some point out aspects that seemingly stick out for some, there’s a lot of work that goes into these projects over the many years of production. In an interview with Variety, VFX artist Alexis Wajsbrot (Framestore VFX) offered some insight into just how long they worked on the various sequences of the film.

He worked on the iconic 40-second travel through the multiverse, which even included Doctor Strange and America Chavez turning into paint. Wajsbrot started working on the moment back in September of 2020. As such, he worked on the sequence for almost an entire year and a half before it released in theaters.

Fellow VFX artists Olivier Dumont and Michael Perdew from Luma Pictures worked for several months on the film’s iconic Gargantos sequence. The MCU’s version of Shuma-Gorath was quite a special challenge to tackle as his unique anatomy adds a equally unique challenge.

When you animate a human and you have two legs, it’s easy. But, when you have eight legs to animate, it’s a challenge. And then you have to animate that in the middle of a street that is very busy with a lot of things that it’s going to interact with. So it’s like, how far do you go in terms of work.

Olivier Dumont

They worked on this sequence for six to eight months to bring the creature to life. Perdew highlights that “time is the single most important thing” alongside “having. really clean and clear path.” It looks like they certainly got a lot of time to work on aspects of these sequences, and they also highlight how they had a say in what they would include, as well as received some active feedback and ideas from Kevin Feige.

Source: Variety

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